Neuvition LiDAR Wins First Prize at 2018 Suzhou Jinji Lake Start-up Contest

20 startups showcase new nanomaterials, innovative AI, life and health at Suzhou, China


Neuvition, Inc. , the winner of 2018 JINJI LAKE START-UP CONTEST

Neuvition, Inc. took home First Prize at 2018 Suzhou Jinji Lake Start-up Contest organized by Oriza Holdings in Suzhou Industrial Park on Oct. 29th, 2018. The contest lasted 10 months, including 7 divisions of the world. Over 20 remarkable projects stood out from more than 2000 participants to the finals. In the end, Neuvition, Inc. got the championship. Jian Lin, the Chairman & CTO of Neuvition was awarded the 1st prize by one of municipal committee and Allen Zhu, the managing director of GSR Ventures.   
Neuvition, Inc. launched 480 lines LiDAR which has one of the highest resolution in the commercial market. With video fusion, it can generate the colored point cloud. Distributed design makes one central unit support multiple sensors to cut costs on different applications.
About Neuvition
Neuvition, Inc., a high tech company founded 2 years ago in Silicon Valley, US with office in China. It consists of experienced experts specialize in developing advanced vision sensors, related software and cloud services related to artificial intelligence.
In ADAS and automatic driving, LiDAR generates real 3D data using ToF to detect surrounding objects to ensure safe driving in most weather and difficult lighting conditions. Compared with the camera only solution, LiDAR can compensate most of the optical illusion issues.

Titan M1 prototype scan result of street

In 3D imaging applications, Neuvition LiDAR can be used to inspect and service large structure such as wind turbines, power lines. It can be used to scan urban streetscapes to form 3D mapping data.

Titan M1 prototype scan result of human face

In machine vision and surveillance, LiDAR compensates the shortcomings of traditional CCTV video surveillance, which cannot work without light, to achieve 24-hour vision day and night, including foggy conditions. In addition, the accurate range perception of LiDAR can accurately track moving objects in real time. Combining with 3D object recognition, it will be an effective tool for smart city applications. Please visit for more details.

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