Neuvition Titan Mini :

Small LiDAR sensor head (48.6mm x 96.6mm x 92mm).
FOV: Titan M1-Plus 80°x25°; Titan M1 45°x25°;Titan M1-Pro 120°x25°;
High resolution H0.04°/V0.05° @480 lines, 1750 Pixels
Distance to 200M
Camera fusion

High Resolution 3D Video LiDAR

The Titan M1 and M1-Plus are Neuvition's unprecedented high definition video LiDAR products that support up to 480 vertical lines and 1750 pixels per line. With integrated video camera, the output of Titan Mini family can be traditional point cloud or colored point cloud. It captures and fuses ToF point cloud data with video stream in pixel level that provides the best detection of objects with 3D color information. Neuvition Titan Solid State LiDAR is built for applications such as autonomous driving, robotic vision, surveillance, 3D mapping and other industrial and commercial scenarios.


Solid State and Compact Sensor Head

The Neuvition's Titan Mini LiDAR delivers compact size sensor head in solid state, one of the smallest LiDAR sensor on the market, that simplifies the integration of LiDAR sensor into vehicles and other industrial platforms. Controlled by central unit, the sensor head Titan M1-Plus generates a point cloud of up to 2,000,000 points per second in a field of view of horizontal 80° by vertical 25°, Titan M1 generates a point cloud of up to 1,000,000 points per second in a field of view of horizo-ntal 45° by vertical 25°, with a range of up to 200m. Point clouds from multiple Titan M1 or Titan M1-Plus sensor heads can be fused to form a system field of view up to 360° surrounding. The frame rate can be dynamically adjusted from 0.5fps to 20fps through API. Titan Mini Family is designed to operate in challenging environments and a temperature range of-20°C to +60°C.

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